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Youtube Icon Installer 1.0

Installs a direct YouTube access icon on your desktop
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As its name implies, this program installs an icon on your desktop, allowing you to go directly to the YouTube website without needing to open your browser first, and then writing the URL of the site. It does little more than this.

Additionally to the icon, the program installs a toolbar in your web browser and asks you to try a browsing assistant. You can decline to try the assistant if you want, but the installation of the toolbar is not optional. Nevertheless, the toolbar never appeared on any of my web browsers. It may have been blocked by them.

During the installation, you can choose to add a direct access to YouTube only to your desktop and to your programs menu, or also to your web browser's favorites list and to the quick launch toolbar.

When finishing the installation process, the program asks you to change your browser's homepage to the developer's web search page. Also, you can decline to do so.

Although the program states that it will install an icon, it actually installs two: one to YouTube, and other to the developer's webpage, so your desktop will be a little more crowded.

As you can see, this program has little usefulness and many annoyances. Since you can easily create a quick access icon on your desktop and add any website to your favorites list, you don't need a program to do it for you. Also, the toolbar and the homepage change are nothing more than commercial strategies. Use it at your own risk.

Victor Hernandez
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  • It is free to download and use
  • Direct access to You Tube


  • It only installs a direct access icon to YouTube on your desktop
  • It asks you to install a toolbar additionally to the icon
  • It asks you to try a browsing assistant
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